Memorable moment…..
I have been alternating between yoga sessions and working out with Komang Arnawa during my Bali stay as part of my plan to get some balance back after a long and stressful year. In this mornings yoga session which was poolside at 8 am ( the weather was perfect it rained overnight so the temp was good and the air felt fresh as it always does when you are near the sea and it rains), I was working on my meditation and breathing.
Mediating and the correct breathing is always difficult for me as it’s hard to just cut the noise out in my head ( as I am just about non- stop in my day to day and my head/ mind is not excluded from that …lol). But I finally was getting to the point where I could hear the quite/ stillness in my mind. Just as I got to that real point, a fly decided to join in. Buzzing on my arm…in my face……almost swallowed it while trying to breath. I told myself it’s part of the test. I should be able to continue without letting it affect me.
There will always be a fly in life in some form or fashion! I continued to ignore it while listening to the instruction, but from one pose to another the fly was insistent on getting in my groove… I found myself in a seated meditation pose breathing, shutting out all the noise except for the FLYYYY….
Finally while still in pose and without thinking….my right hand swooped out and caught the fly…….I shook the fly around in my hand ( to make it dizzy), got up , opened the door to the villa and released it and resumed my session. I thought to myself during the next meditation pose, JUST AS THERE WILL BE A FLY IN LIFE, SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO CALMLY TAKE THINGS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS TO MAKE YOUR THING ( whatever that may be) RIGHT!!!!
Sedrick M Hamilton

There will always be a fly in life




Body read and treatment

I have had severe pain and not been able to move my hips and back fully for a year due to 10 yrs of long hours at my desk job. Just had a treatment with Nat the therapist at Bodiku and WOW AMAZING!! No pain right now but I know not an overnight fix and respect her expertise and advice. Thank You Nat….I will sleep well and be able to get out of bed without cringing in pain tomorrow. You’re truly the best.

Kelly Howman

Sleep well