Shape Up

Like most people, I have jumped wholeheartedly on the body shaping band-wagon, only to fall off again when temptation has become too hard to resist.

Temptation comes in many forms. It might be a social night out with friends over a few cocktails, an extra scoop of ice-cream, or in my case, a huge slice of carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting.

So….what is a girl to do, when you feel as though you are trapped inside Ground Hog Day on the down side of successful body shaping.

Well, for starters – give yourself a pat on the back for always starting again. This is paramount to achieving any form of success in life. It also helps to spend a moment or two in contemplation, to determine why we back flipped off the wagon in the first place.

With a little awareness and creativity, it is always possible to find a solution and, dare I say it, actually enjoy the journey towards becoming the gorgeous glamazon hiding within us.

Personally, I keep a small ‘secret’ file of inspirational images. Women who look amazing, cute little outfits I’d love to be wearing and places I’d love to visit looking my best. A quick glance at these images inspires me to stay the course and find the solutions that I spoke of earlier to enjoy the ride.

Two words – good fats. Sources of good fats have been my savior when any cravings set in.  Provided I keep my carbohydrate intake to a minimum, a mouthful (or two) of nut butters, raw chocolate creations or a coconut milk beverage will satisfy my taste buds completely and stoke the fires of my natural fat burning. Here are some of my favorite activated nut butters.

A fitness sparring partner. This is the guy or girl you call up when you feel your determination is beginning to waver. Being active is much easier when you have the company of someone fun.  Pairing up with another opens the door to a whole host of healthy play dates and allows you to expand your horizons.

Creating small challenges in our life sends a bio chemical signal to our bodies to stay in top form and be ready for action. Without a strong desire to improve, our bodies respond by shutting down. The key to feeling great and nourishing longevity is to challenge yourself physically with healthy ambitions – as often as you can.

It also helps to have a deadline; that magic date on the calendar that helps to keep you on track with your body shaping efforts, and preserve your discipline. Without a deadline, there is the risk of not feeling as though you have accomplished something. A deadline helps to assess the before and after versions of yourself and to make adjustments where necessary.

For me, choosing a distinctive deadline makes the passing weeks feel more exciting. Like you are working towards something and accomplishing mini goals along the way – which is a great endorphin release in itself.

Set a goal that is important and meaningful for you. You’re doing this for yourself.

So grab a friend and a jar of activated nut butter, and choose your deadline. October 15th 2017 sounds like a pretty magic number.




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