Strength training 


Staying fit and having a healthy eating is more then just staying away from and sicknesses and illnesses. It is an active procedure many individuals go though to be successful physically, mentally, and emotionally. Being physically fit, and having a good wellness program changes and also reduces health problems. The basics behind staying fit is to understand what is our body made of and how our body function. You should develop an understanding of this there education and research. Making it a habit of eating right and exercising, also having a good understanding of all aspects or dimensions of life is a good start.

Being optimally healthy is an emotional, mental, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual endeavor. This is a state where we feel the best, and have best resistance against diseases.
Emotional health is important because many people act based on their emotions a how they are feeling about something or someone. However people can take their mind off things by finding a good way to manage stress. A good way to manage stress would be lifting weights, swimming, yoga, meditation  and other sports that may interest you.



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