Bodiku: “my body” in the  Indonesian language. We guide you in nutrition, physical activity and recovery. Our and your goal? Sustainable Energy

Komang Arnawa (founder of Bodiku) – Health Coach, Pro World Champion bodybuilder 2004 and 2005, Specialist in performance nutrition.

As a lifetime drug free competitor in the international body building arena, Komang Arnawa knows how to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My study and experimentation as a fitness professional has transitioned from my former “bodybuilder” mindset of ‘Live to Eat’ 180 degrees to an ‘Eat to Live’ mentality. To perform at an optimum level and to create sustainable energy, your body has to be in a state that allows absorption of the nutrients you consume. My daily workouts help to develop a mindset and physical condition that maximizes this. The food I eat is comprised of organic and nutrient rich ingredients that also serve to heal and support internal organs.
Komang Arnawa