Bodiku is committed to help you to achieve your optimal results and maintain consistent progress toward your goals. A Fitness Consultation is a 45-minute meeting with our fitness expert, Komang Arnawa. He will assess, implement, modify and motivate you to make positive change to your life through an improvement in health and well-being.

Generally, your Fitness Consultation will consist of the following :

Filling out a fitness questioner 
This aims to understand your fitness background, current fitness level, lifestyle and assist in creating a tailor made fitness program.

Goal Setting
Setting, achieving and resetting short and long term goals
Body Composition Analysis or Blood analysis
to determine important markers in our body such as :

•  skeletal muscle mass
•  body fat mass
•  total water content (both inside and outside the cell)
•  mineral content
•  protein content
•  total cell count
•  bone density
•  visceral fat (the fat surrounding your organs)

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