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Natalie Petersen has been a praticing Soft Tissue Therapist (Remedial & Sports Massage) in Perth, Western Australia for over 20 years.

Her professional career has included affiliation with the West Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS), Swimming Australia, and assigned therapist to state and national sporting teams.

Natalie is also a preferred therapist for the Sydney Swans Australian Football team (AFL) and therapist to patrons and fighters of Aust. Muay Thai head coach, Mark Selden.

Her career has formed affiliation with some of Perth’s leading Physiotherapists and other health care workers.

Natalie’s expertise in pain and postural management alongside advanced skills in dry needling and massage technique, has found her to be one of Perth’s highly respected and sought after therapists.

Her remedial care and signature techniques helps to attend to soft tissue imbalances, coaxing and relieving pain and stiffness from your body, reminding and guiding  the body toward a healthier structural pattern.

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