Bodiku: life-changing 

“Change”. It is not something that happens overnight. It is hard work and requires a lot of dedication.

Komang Arnawa, Health Coach, World Champion, Performance Nutrition Specialist, is an expert when it comes to this. He knows how to reach and maintain physically, mentally, socially and spiritually healhty lifestyle.

“My study and experimentation as a fitness professional has transitioned from my former “bodybuilder” mindset of ‘Live to Eat’ 180 degrees to an ‘Eat to Live’ mentality. To perform at an optimum level and to create sustainable energy, your body has to be in a state that allows absorption of the nutrients you consume. My daily workouts help to develop a mindset and physical condition that maximizes this. The food I eat is comprised of organic and nutrient rich ingredients that also serve to heal and support internal organs”.

Before we commencing this program, first, we will learn more about your fitness background by filling out the fitness questioner from us then we will structure your program accordingly.

Program inclusion :

A. 2 x 20 mins fitness analysis

B. 10 x 45 mins private personal training

C. bodiku healthy – pack

D. gym access during the program

E. training plan

F. meal plan

G. shopping food lists

H. daily food monitoring


• To understand more about what our bodies are made of and how they function in order to sustain your energy for a long time.

• Exercise program that will support your lifestyle, bring up your fitness level and fat loss.


Fee : $150

Program inclusion :

A. training plan
B. meal plan
C. shopping food lists
D. fitness analysis via skype
E. daily food monitoring

Everyone has different wants and needs, and a unique workout personality—so what works for one individual might not for the next. From a technique aspect, online training is definitely better for people who already have some exposure to exercise and form.

BENEFIT : It is much more cost-effective to have someone write you a customized program and for you to execute it on your own.


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