Ever wanted to escape to a little piece of paradise, where it’s all about you?

Bodiku Retreats are for those seeking sustainable energy, healthy cuisine and natural beauty.

Bodiku Retreats are inspired by the popular practice TIME magazine calls ‘the new science of health and happiness’ that is also changing the way people travel; one breath at a time. Bodiku Retreats will help you to arrive comfortably, be more present while here, and take away that feeling when you leave.

In today’s multi-tasking world, with the constant barrage of technology-driven e-mails, texts and news, you are discovering that being somewhere completely remote, undisturbed and off the grid is the new “luxury”.

A Bodiku Retreat in Bali is the perfect setting to relax and let go into a more mindful travel experience, and encourage you to explore and experience the practices of mindfulness for a more fulfilling getaway, and return to daily life. During your Retreat program, we are providing you with a private driver, and useful tips to personalize your Bali experience with appealing options.

Bodiku Retreat introduces you to practices supporting improved focus, greater self-awareness of nutrition for optimum health, and methods to maintain your healthy body weight. The outcome of a Bodiku retreat program empowers you to access better sleep, a better mood, better health and sustainable energy.

This unique opportunity will allow you to experience :

  • private morning yoga and breath work that will help with your flexibility, and teach you to maximise the healing effects of correct breathing.
  • a healthy breakfast to support sustained energy and optimum health
  • bodiku health conversations – a mini seminar that will help you to understand more about what our body’s are made of and how they function in order to sustain your energy for a long time. We focus on practices that will positively change your metabolism pathway, and allow you to become an efficient fat burner.
  • spa treatments to help with your blood circulation, loosen up your joints, relieve muscle pain, tension and stress from minor injuries or over use, in support of a complete recovery
  • private and highly personal physical movement sessions to strengthen your muscles
  • a final day personalized shopping experience to complete your holiday check list.

5-day Retreat programs can be reserved over the following dates :

  • 18 February – 02 March
  • 11 March – 22 March
  • 08 April – 28 April
  • 13 May – 01 June

* Retreat programs outside of the formal 2018 dates can be considered on request depending on availability

For further details about our Bodiku Retreats calendar in Bali  2018, please connect with us and we will get back to you soon.