Komang is a wonderful role model for the Balinese people and, due to his popularity as a former athlete, succeeds in encouraging the Indonesian community towards healthy living and positive mindset concepts.

Komang and I first meet in March 2014 in Bali, Indonesia. I was looking to incorporate a significant fitness element into my lifestyle and, after reading a feature article about Komang’s sporting accomplishments and training philosophies (The Source Quarterly Magazine) decided to seek his council.


What started as a professional client / trainer relationship progressed into a friendship that I hold very close to my heart. Komang’s advice and philosophies about living a life in balance really resonated with me and his mentoring each week challenged me to reach my highest potential. My physical appearance changed dramatically under Komang’s expertise and, feeling amazing, I chose to enter a body shaping competition in Los Vegas, USA. (Musclemania 2014)


Nairana Ormsby